Who we are and Why we are here….

They say we all have a purpose but I don’t know what mine is YET – however insane thoughts pop into my head and I share them as I think them…so that is exactly what I am doing here. I want to help people – not just help them but help them help others. There are so many ways that people can help one another if they just honestly think about it – whether its simple acts like feeding the homeless, helping an elderly person rake their yard, giving second chances to people who deserve them, creating a safe haven for people to show how much you care…doing whatever is in your power to do. From simple tasks to harder ones – someone/everyone – YOU – ME – THEM can do something….its just that no one knows that what they do can help someone else immensely. Its about confidence in yourself, happiness and faith in others…not saying that helping people see that is MY purpose but it can’t hurt – can it?